LCM - 5
Product Name: LCM - 5
Color: AS Pic
Box Size: 15.5(L) x 11(W) x 5(H) cm
Weight: 480g
Accessory: LEAR standard cable , Otter box dry box,Soft furry carrying pouch,Cleaning stick and cleaning fabric
Warranty: 1 Year
Price: HKD 6,888
Shipping: HKD: 200

LCM-5 is the latest masterpiece from LEAR and which is built and designed with 5 drivers, 3 ways crossover and 3 individual sounds bore.
The precision matched 1 low, 2 mid and 2 high drivers with the proper designed passive 3 way crossover, which ensure the lowest full band distortion and group delay from the drivers and passive components.
3 individual sound tubes to separates the different frequency between the driver outputs.
To ensure the most comfortable, accurate and neutral sound, we tuned the LCM-5 under the actual hearing concept, which the listening experience is similar to what you can hear from the actual environment!
The LCM-5 will impress you by the most natural and balanced sound which you may never imagined!

However, LCM-5 is not just limited to the natural and balanced style, It is also designed for professionals who would need a pair of studio monitor sound like in-ear earphone (to replace the poor sealing Headphones) and works for their musical job like mixing and monitoring.
To achieve the needs on both neutral and extremely crystal clear monitor sound style, a special tuned cable adapter called "Studio Monitor Sound Tuned Adapter" is available in optional .
Just simply plug into it and you will be happy with the benefit from the switchable design!
Mixing, monitoring and music enjoyment is just that simple and efficiency than ever.

We are proud to say that the LCM-5 is designed, tuned and made in Hong Kong!



Frequency response: 20~22kHz
Impedance:          28ohm @1000 Hz
Sensitivity:        122dB @1mW
THD Ratio:          Below 0.6% (20~10kHz)
Driver:             5 Balanced armature (1 low,2 mid,2high)
Crossover:          Passive 3 way

(Note: Due to continuing product improvement, specification and design are subject to change without notice.)

▲20~22kHz 全頻 THD 總諧波失真度 測試 (以1000Hz 達到 94dBSPL 之輸出聲壓級作參考)
20~22kHz Full band THD Ratio test (Based on 1000Hz @ 94dBSPL output level)

▲LCM-5 (出廠預設) 的全頻 (20Hz~20kHz) 阻抗圖
20Hz~20kHz Impedance of LCM-5 (Standard version)

3 individual sounds bore to separate the different frequency from the drivers!

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▲From 1st of July 2012: All of our default "LEAR" logo print on the faceplate will change from laser engraving to electroplate metallic material, It’s more elegant and durable! (Optional for add or empty)

▲The Latest 3D imprint like "True Texture" artwork craftmanship with LEAR logo

▲The Latest 3D imprint like "True Texture" artwork craftmanship with LEAR logo

▲The Latest 3D imprint like "True Texture" artwork craftmanship with LEAR logo

▲The Latest 3D imprint like "True Texture" artwork craftmanship

▲The Latest 3D imprint like "True Texture" artwork craftmanship

只需 HKD 398 即可使用最新 True Texture 面板技術,建議顏色為實黑或深灰。可決定是否需要 LEAR 品牌電鍍 Logo!
"True Texture" 乃 LEAR 自家的面板製作工藝,其特色是在硬膠料上做出 「觸摸得到的立體紋理效果」,並非真的「碳纖物料」敬請留意。

"True Texture" faceplate can make with or without the LEAR logo (HKD 398).
Please note that the "True Texture" faceplate is a "3D imprint" like craftsmanship, it is not a "True Material" from real carbon fiber!


Monitor Sound Tuned Adapter

使用後能令原本音色自然平衡的 LCM-5 ,擁有如鑑聽喇叭般,份外亮麗清晰的轉換器,標準接線長度約 10CM (可按需要訂製),公插可選 3.5MM/6.3MM 製作,定價 HKD 688 (6個月保養),可決定是否需要 LEAR 品牌 Logo!

The Optional "Monitor Sound tuned adapter" (HKD 688)  is highly recommended for mixing and monitoring, the default length of cable is about 10CM (optional for other inquiry), the male plug could be Gold plated 3.5mm or Nickel Plated 6.3mm Jack!

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The Optional "Monitor Sound tuned adapter" HKD 688 (Highly recommended for mixing and monitoring)

▲For who may desire the extremely clear and detailed sound, which like a stuido monitor speaker! (Optional for $688)

Monitor Sound tuned adapter

Monitor Sound tuned adapter

Monitor Sound tuned adapter

Color selection :

LCM version -maxmium 3 different combination :faceplate + body + canal

LUF version maximum 2 different combination :faceplate + body

Special faceplate selection(Extra USD$56/pair) :



Metallic faceplate

Ture Texture



How to Order? (For International customers)

  1. Please click the "Buy Now" icon and follow the instruction or you can send us an e-mail ([email protected]) directly for the order.
  2. Once you complete the form and payment, please send us your personal ear impression.
  3. Wait about 21~30 days (Count from the date which we had received your ear impression), and you will receive your own CM via EMS!