Monitor Sound Tuned Adapter
Product Name: Monitor Sound Tuned Adapter
Color: AS Pic
Box Size: N/A
Weight: N/A
Accessory: N/A
Warranty: N/A
Price: HKD 688
Shipping: HKD: 200

This cable adapter is one of our latest "Sound tuned Adapter" and specially designed for the LEAR LCM-5 Custom Made in ear monitor.
The adapter is handmade in Hong Kong with our high quality silver plated "Chihuahua" cable with precision matched passive components,
It is available in 3.5mm female adapter to gold plated 3.5mm male plug or 3.5mm female adapter to 6.3mm nickel plated male plug version. 

Once it used with the LCM-5, it will let LCM-5 sounds extremely crystal clear, detailed and just like every notes are appeared in front of your face, included the poor mastered or mixed parts!
It's a must have item for who would like to monitor their music, working for the mix and just want to enjoy the crystal clear feeling.
However, it will also work with any earphones or headphones especially for which had over tuned or feels with too much bass frequency,
but we are sorry for we would not guarantee it will works the same as using with the LEAR LCM-5, as there are different designed and tuned purpose for other earphones and headphones, and this cable adapter is only fined tuned and designed for the LEAR LCM-5!


How to Order? (For International customers)

  1. All of our DIY (or said custom handmade cables) are welcome for custom order, such as the length, plugs or special request etc..., for standard order, please click the "Buy Now" icon and follow the instruction or you can send us an e-mail ([email protected]) directly for the order especially you are going to order a custom made cables from us.

  2. Once you complete the form and payment, we will ship the product to you via EMS.
  3. Wait about 10~15 days and you will receive your ordered product via EMS!