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  • LEAR LCM-5 Custom In Ear Monitors – Clarity


    LEAR (an acronym of “Listen Learn Everything. Acoustic Audio Revolution) is a Hong-Kong based audio-products manufacturer founded in 2008 (which has recently also opened an HQ in Japan). The company makes portable headphone amplifiers, some different types of cables and adapters and also custom-fit in-ear-monitors (“CIEMs”), but in the past, they’ve also made some universal IEMs too. LEAR is owned by one the most famous audio stores in Hong-Kong, “Forever Source Digital”, which also distributes LEAR’s products. In 2011, LEAR has introduced their CIEMs line. They are proud of it because they say that it is the first CIEMs line to be fully developed, tuned and manufactured in Hong-Kong. About a year afterwards, LEAR released their flagship CIEM, the acrylic-material-made LCM-5, which sports five balanced armature drivers per earpiece with a 3-way crossover. One of the drivers produces the bass, two others are responsible for the midrange and the left two are treble drivers.

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  • 硬件 EQ 兼可換 OP-Amp,音色多變 - LEAR FSM-02V2


    PCM 電腦廣場 第1023期:

    播放器、耳擴、耳機需要配搭得宜,才可以發揮出更好的音色,不過玩家們通常都不只得一對耳機,如果每對耳機都要買一部耳擴組合,真是不太劃算。 這部 Lear FSM-02V2 就有能力應付多對耳機,它有三頻增益,支援 8-600 ohm 阻抗的耳機,還有硬件 EQ 調校,可以選擇增強高音或低音,而最特別的是耳擴設有兩組輸出,其中一組採用輸出線性最為平滑的 Class-A 線路,理論上會比一般 Class-D 輸出好聲。如果你想更徹底地改變耳擴的音色,還可以為購買 Op-Amp 更換,自行調出最適合自己的音色。 今次以 Line Out 形式接駁 iPod Classic 測試,先用入耳式的 Sony XBA-4 聽 Susan Wong 的( Billie Jean ) AIFF 無損檔,出來的聲音結實清晰,耳擴本身比較強調人聲,女聲表現清脆,而轉用 Class-A 輸出後,人聲就更加滑溜,低音結他聲亦更具彈性。之後轉用頭戴式的 Sennheiser Amperior 再聽同一曲,Lear FSM- 02V2 的輸出一樣足夠將耳機照顧得貼貼服服,分析力高之餘,音色亦自然生動。

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  • LCM-5 7折優惠評測活動 - LCM-5 個人分享 by fg5062


    各位朋友, 先講聲唔好意思先 因為開左學真係好忙好忙, 所以冇時間去寫呢個聽感, 雖然我係第一個拎 lcm-5 的評測會員 不過唔緊要, 我的 5 號已經過左100 小時, 可以給大家一個初步的聽感

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  • LCM-5 7折優惠評測活動 - LCM-5 之 Monitoring cable by kingdun3284


    今次要介紹的便是為LCM5特製的 Monitoring cable。簡單來說就是將 LCM5 接上這條 CABLE 後音色會變得鑑聽。

    今次小弟便長話短說了,作個初步聽感的總結吧: 將 LCM5 接上這個鑑聽線後,低頻量會略有下降,真的就略有,變化不是很大,但亦算相當明顯。 低頻量雖下降了,但質卻仍在,低頻量的下降使人聲較為多一點。此外中高頻亦有上升,使得人聲方面稍為變薄了一點,但卻又響了一點。 以結他聲為例,便是掃絃聲較出,那些”掙掙”聲響了一點。

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[REVIEW] L'EAR LCM-5: All the Micro Details you Ever Wanted

At the top of the line up you have the LCM-5 which is a 5 balanced armature (BA) driven CIEM with one low driver, two mids and two high drivers in a three way configuration with three bores.  Unlike the rest of the LCM series that have different sound tunings for each model, so the three drivers has a bass, clarity and flat tuning, this comes in one version which has been tuned for a neutral and balanced sound, for the natural sound you can imagine.

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