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  • Re-shell,Reborn! LEAR’s Hong Kong-based service now available!


    Thanks to the support of our loyal customers, LEAR’s one-stop re-shelling service has gained invaluable recognition and experience in the 3 years since its launch. In the past, the re-shelling process was outsourced to our Mainland partners in order to strike a balance between cost efficiency and quality, while LEAR’s tech team (based in Hong Kong) focused on developing and perfecting the CM series that the market has come to love. Today, due to the increasingly high costs of manufacturing in Mainland China, we have decided to take a leap at this opportunity to further advance the quality of our service – we are proud to announce that the LEAR Hong Kong tech team will be taking over the entirety of the re-shelling process. Re-shell your universal fit in ear earphone to a professional grade Custom Made in ear earphone! A perfect fit and comfort to your own ears ! A custom color selection and personal style! A problem fix solution to your old or injured earphone! A second hand CM refit/remold solution! All by LEAR HongKong and all made in HongKong! Start from USD$240 (free international shipping & No extra charge for Payment via PayPal) Inquiry and Order: [email protected] What is LEAR’s Re-shelling service? Our re-shelling service transforms your universal fit earphones into custom-fitted earphones – earphones that are perfectly molded to fit the shape of your ear concha and canal.  The result is not only unparalleled soundproofing quality, but also a highly personalized device that is truly yours only. Why re-shell? Universal, mass-manufactured earphones are designed with changeable ear tips as a one-size-fits-all solution.  Naturally, the convenience offered by such design often sacrifices comfort and soundproofing quality, and is susceptible to wear and tear.  Re-shelling completely eliminates the need of replaceable ear tips/sponges by ear impression the casing of your earphones to fit perfectly to the shape of your ears and canals.  The best part is that the process preserves the original sound quality of your device! You may also want to consider re-shelling your earphones should they need repair but are no longer covered by warranty.  One common but often overlooked issue is the blocking of the sound tube by earwax.  This causes the sound output of your earphones to dull and diminish.  This issue is usually solvable only by replacing the filter, but can now also be rectified via re-shelling.  Not only will your beloved earphones be restored, they will be crafted to further enhance your music listening experience! Frequently Asked Questions   Q1: Are CM earphones suitable for me? A1: This depends on your practical needs.  If you are satisfied with the sound quality but dislike certain aspects of your current earphones (i.e. lack in soundproof, discomfort when wearing or if you just want to personalize it), then re-shelling is the answer to your problems!   Q2: I think I have rather big/small ears, are CM earphones still for me? A2: According to expert opinion, as long as your canals are in good state, and if you have not had surgery done on your ears, then you are technically good to go.  There are exceptions, of course.  If you have further doubts, please feel free to seek expert consultation. Q3: What is re-shelling? A3: Re-shelling transforms your earphones into custom-fitted earphones – earphones that are perfectly molded to fit the shape of your ear concha and canal.  The result is not only unparalleled soundproofing quality, but also a highly personalized device that is truly yours only. Q4: Which earphones are fit for re-shelling? A4: At the moment, LEAR’s re-shelling service only accepts universal earphones with balanced armature drivers.  As long as your earphones fit that category and are reasonably easy to dissemble, they are fit for re-shelling. The following are common brands and models that we re-shell: Ultimate ears-SF3,SF5pro,TF10pro; Westone UM1/W1,UM2/W2,UM3X/W3; Shure SE530,SE420SE535... Feel free to bring your earphones to our store for an assessment to see if they are suitable!   Q5: Will re-shelling enhance the original sound quality of the earphones? A5: Not necessarily! There is a slight chance that re-shelling may alter the original sound quality of your earphones.  This is because of: 1) the change in the shell and tubing physically; 2) the change in the closure of earphones resulting in the auditory sensation difference; 3) inconsistency of re-shelling; 4) the use of different quality cables since they become changeable after re-shelling. These changes in sound quality due to the above may be positive or negative.  In the end, it comes down to the personal preferences of the user! Q6: Can the re-shelled earphones be fitted with other cables? A6: Yes! Re-shelled earphones may be fitted with cables with CM jacks or MMCX jacks and are changeable at any time.   Q7: How long does re-shelling take? A7: On average, 14 working days(EXCLUDED SATURDAY & SUNDAY) from the day the ear impression of the client is received by us.   Q8: When should I have my earphones re-shelled? A8: You should consider re-shelling your earphones if you experience discomfort such as pains, pressure against ear or severe sound leakage while wearing your earphones. Q9: The cable jack of my newly made CM earphones seems a little tight, is this normal? A9: This is normal on newly made earphones.  It should not affect your music-listening experience and should desist after connecting multiple times. This is one of the more delicate parts of the CM earphones and is thus not covered by warranty unless: 1) poor connection causes noise or reduction in sound quality, or; 2) the size of the bore renders the earphones unusable.  Should you come across with these problems, please hand in your earphones for free inspection and follow-up service. Q10: How do I put on my CM earphones? A10: First, align the tip of your earphones with your canal, then gently rotate in the anti-clockwise direction into the canal until it is all fitted in comfortably.  To take it off, simply rotate clockwise until it is loosened. LEAR’s re-shelling service - details Service Fees: Basic Package

    1 - 4 drivers USD$240 (Free international shipping & No extra charge for Payment via PayPal)
    4 drivers or above USD$260 (Free international shipping & No extra charge for Payment via PayPal)


    • Re-shelling and ear impression(HK Local order) or Free International Shipping(International order)ear impression
    • LEAR cleaning cloth x1
    • Cleaning wand x1
    • Metal case x1
    • Post-re-shelling frequency response chart x1

    Premium package:

    1 - 4 drivers USD$290 (Free international shipping & No extra charge for Payment via PayPal)
    4 drivers or above USD$310(Free international shipping & No extra charge for Payment via PayPal)


    • Re-shelling and ear impression(HK Local order) or Free International Shipping(International order)
    • LEAR cleaning cloth x1
    • Cleaning wand x1
    • Post-re-shelling frequency response chart x1
    • LEAR C2 CABLE ( CM jack ) ( original price Black USD$60 / Clear USD$65,MMCX jack: +USD$20 )
    • High quality waterproof and shock absorbent case: Otter Box Pursuits 20 ( original price USD$23) or PELICAN 1010 MICRO CASE ( original price  USD$20 )

    Special deal: Re-shell with LEAR C2 Cable

    • Black LEAR C2 Cable x1: extra USD$30
    • Clear: extra USD$5
    • MMCX jack: extra USD$20
    • Black original price. USD$60,Clear original price. USD$65

    Color can be customized in Left/Right and the following 3 parts: faceplate, body, canal:

      Engraving (single color) Price: USD$55 for both sides (Please provide your own file: JPG, JPEG, PNG etc.) Pictures or words may be engraved on the faceplate.  Designs and colors may be different on either sides. Special Faceplate (All +USD55): True Wood Denim Illusion Metallic Ture Texture MMCX type plug available Ordering process:

    1. Place your order to" [email protected] "
    2. We will reply the information in detail  for the order.
    3. The order should be completed within 14 working days(EXCLUDED SATURDAY & SUNDAY) from the date your ear impression is received.  We will notify you of further delays should they arise.

    After sale and Maintenance Service:

    • Purchases are entitled to 2 refits 2 months after delivery of product (require proof of purchase).

    Disclaimer: Our company accepts no responsibilities for any minor changes either positive or negative in sound quality or timbre, as a result of re-shelling. Photos of finished products: (updating from time to time):



    shining pink  

       Klipsch Custom 3    Shure SE530    Westone UM2    Westone UM3X

    Ultimate Ears Super Fi 5Pro  

    CM- UE11PRO



    Westone 1 (W1)



    Shure E3/E3c


    Etymotic ER4
    Please do not hesitate to let us know if you have any questions regarding to our service! 

    Thanks for reading! LEAR

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  • LEAR LUF-4F impressions - airy mids with great bass and treble extension through use of copper bores


    Introduction I was given the opportunity to participate in the LEAR LUF-4F audition tour. First, I would like to talk about LEAR itself. LEAR is a Hong Kong based company, and they first started producing their own universal IEMs before moving to producing custom IEMs, such as the LCM-1 to LCM-3 line up. The interesting part of the LCM-1 to LCM-3 line up is that each model comes in 3 variant, “F” for flat, “B” for bass and “C” for crystal clear, which each variant having a different sound signature tuning. A year later, they introduced the flagship LCM-5. A year after the release of the LCM-5, LEAR has decided to introduce the LUF-4 series, with the “F” flat model based on the LCM-5. The LUF-4, and its custom cousin, the LCM-4, both come in the same 3 variant as the LCM-1 to LCM-3 family. I will be sharing about the LUF-4F, which is the flat model.

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  • (第三期接受報名)親手製作CM個人定製耳機!


    隨著LEAR 於恆源旺角門市內的耳機工作室順利落成。 我們現正試推CM(Custom Made)個人訂製耳機工作坊計畫! 好讓各位對個人定製耳機有興趣的朋友,可以方便輕鬆地學習及嘗試親身製作屬於自己的耳機! 工作坊目前將由Tatco 親自負責教授及帶領, 參加者除了可以即場、即日自行親手製作一對一動鐵單元的CM耳機外, 還可以與Tatco 交流玩物及相關技術心得, 真正有野學、有野玩、仲有成品帶得走!

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  • LCM-5 7折優惠評測活動 - LCM-5 個人分享 by fg5062


    各位朋友, 先講聲唔好意思先 因為開左學真係好忙好忙, 所以冇時間去寫呢個聽感, 雖然我係第一個拎 lcm-5 的評測會員 不過唔緊要, 我的 5 號已經過左100 小時, 可以給大家一個初步的聽感

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Gin Lee帶著LEAR CM...紅館現場採排進行中~

Gin Lee小姐現正使用於採排當中,

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